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Augmented reality technologies for digital-assisted operations

IPTP advises Diota in its sale to Dassault Systèmes, a leading provider of computer-assisted design and product lifecycle management software.

Founded in 2009, Diota develops augmented reality technologies and provides software solutions for digital-assisted operations and digital-based robotics inspection that help industrial companies enter a new era of digital transformation. Cutting-edge technologies such as interactive 3D, AR, computer vision, AI, and deep learning connect back-office engineering and on-site operations in charge of production and maintenance of manufactured products. This increases productivity, improves product quality and enhances workforce guidance and safety.

The acquisition will expand Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform with actionable virtual twin experiences on the shop floor, enabling customers in the aerospace and defense, industrial equipment, and transportation and mobility industries to optimize the performance of complex industrial processes and boost their operational efficiency.