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Deep Learning Physics

IPTP advised Extrality in its sale to a large multinational american public company, global leader in numerical simulations applications.

Extrality has developed the Deep Learning Physics platform, a software platform relying on AI which allows to drastically cut times and numbers of simulations, while preserving an accuracy comparable to the simulations performed with classic solvers. Founded in August 2019 by Nicolas Rasamimanana (Ph.D in Machine Learning) et Pierre Yser (Ph.D in Computational Fluid Dynamics ), Extrality supplies its simulation solution to the largest global groups in Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial mechanical engineering .

Extrality platform proposes to designers as well as simulation engineers, a unique level of quality, much faster design and simulations processes thanks to its roaster of patented technologies relying on AI and Machine Learning applied to Physics.

The acquisition of Extrality will allow this large US multinational group to offer to its thousands of customers across the globe a unique mean and complementary to their existing solutions, to accelerate their simulations while preserving high fidelity.