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Haptics Development Platform

IPTP advised Go Touch VR in its sale to Razer, the world’s largest gamer-focused hardware, software and service provider. 

Go Touch VR – the company behind the Interhaptics platform – is the leading haptics development platform for game studios. Founded in 2017 by Eric Vezzoli (Ph. D in Haptics), Interhaptics’ mission is to deliver consistent, realistic and immersive haptics solutions for PC, consoles, mobiles and XR developers. It strives to provide  developers with the essential tools guaranteeing quality, faster development and cross-platform deployment. 

With the acquisition of Interhaptics, Razer is now geared to expand its HyperSense technology (high-fidelity haptics for deeper immersive experiences for gaming, music and more) across more products and to build the haptics ecosystem together with game studios across multiple platforms. 

Eric Vezzoli join Razer as Associate Director of Haptics, Interhaptics will remain an independent entity and will be closely integrated into the Razer ecosystem.