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Jira Dashboards Apps

IPTP advised Qotilabs in its sale to AppFire, a high-growth American SaaS company and a leader in application development on software marketplaces: Atlassian, and Salesforce.

Established in 2014, Qotilabs creates applications on the Atlassian marketplace to enhance and expand the functionalities of Jira dashboards. Its primary application, “Rich Filters,” is among the top 20 applications on the Atlassian marketplace. The app transforms dashboards from static to truly dynamic and interactive operational boards, and offers a deep library of enhancements to native Jira Dashboards that allow users to see all relevant information on their Jira instance on a single pane, greatly reducing context switching. Qotilabs serves over 4,000 clients worldwide, including Amazon, Boeing, Blizzard, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, VMWARE, and Visa.

Through this acquisition, AppFire will expand its offering in the BI & Reporting category, as well as their expertise in dashboards within Jira.