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Process Mining and Predictive Modeling

IPTP advised Livejourney in its sale to QAD, a software editor for adaptive manufacturing and supply chain.

Founded in 2015, Livejourney is the French leader in process mining. It empowers businesses by unlocking the full potential of their data through process mapping and modeling, predictive analysis and automation. Addressing the most critical challenges faced by Operations, Livejourney provides an estimated +30% productivity gain and a +16% customer satisfaction increase. The company is able to identify business opportunities and prevent moments of ruptures thereby increasing clients’ revenues.

Livejourney’s visionary team of AI & ML experts stands out with a best-of-breed technology and architecture, able to process an unlimited number of events in real-time, as well as people-centric and collaborative interfaces.

With this acquisition, QAD will offer customers with critical and data-driven process flows. Livejourney’s leading-edge process intelligence capabilities will enable QAD to further pursue its roadmap around digital process mining, monitoring and intelligence.